Apparel Info/Care

At Only New England, we provide our consumers with comfortable fitting, high-quality apparel so that you can Wear Your Adventure in style. We wanted to figure out a way of displaying high-quality images that have as little texture and as soft as a hand as possible. Our solution to this is printing our clothing using a direct to garment or DTG process which feeds our apparel through a printer and essentially colors the threads in order to make the logo feel as if it is a part of the shirt.

Due to this DTG process, after production, a thin layer of film covers the area where the logo was printed on the apparel, and we encourage all our consumers to wash their shirts or sweatshirts before wearing them in order to remove this layer and maximize comfort. Apparel can be washed in cold or warm water and can even go in the dryer, but if you want your Only New England apparel to last you a lifetime, we recommend you hang dry in order to better preserve the logo.

All of our apparel is fashion fit to reduce excess material and ensure that you can climb any mountain, traverse any sea, or conquer any slope in both style and comfort. For our short sleeve and long sleeve shirts keep in mind that sizes are about a half a size smaller so if you like your clothes to fit a bit looser, we encourage that you go up an extra size when ordering your Only New England apparel.

Now go out there and Wear Your Adventure!