The Birds and the Bees of ONE

The Birds and the Bees of ONE

The founders of Only New England have always had a passion for the outdoors. Throughout our lives, we have always tried to get outside and have fun with our friends. We’ve been surfing in Narragansett, cliff jumping in Newport and Devil’s Glenn, waterskiing and wakeboarding at Quinsigamond, kayaking and sailing in the Long Island Sound, and skiing and snowboarding in the White Mountains and many other locations all over New England. Being outdoors with our friends and going on these activity based adventures has had a very large, positive impact on our lives. So, how does a passion for the outdoors turn into an apparel company? This is the birds and the bees of Only New England.

The idea for Only New England hit us when we went out to Cannon Mountain over spring break with our college buddies. Since our group of friends is mostly made up of business majors, the discussion of starting a small business came up when we were on one of the ski lifts together. It was obvious that we all had a passion for the outdoors and what New England has to offer, and outdoor sports had also played a major role in us establishing a strong bond with each other. So, the discussion turned from discussing small business into how can we incorporate our experiences we’ve had together outdoors into a startup company that people would take interest to?

We started to draw designs based on places in New England we had been. From there, ideas started rolling, and we came to the conclusion that making a line of apparel based on experiences of the outdoors in New England would be the most feasible avenue for us not only to get our idea out to the public but also to see our efforts as business professionals pay immediate dividends.

Our Goal 

Our goal as a company is to bring to market an apparel company that is looking to accomplish something many apparel companies do not, and cannot, do: we want to establish a relationship with our consumers, as well as help consumers create relationships amongst themselves by using our apparel as a bond that connects real life experiences, activities, and stories to a line of apparel.

We are unlike any other apparel company because we are bringing consumers an experience with our apparel by providing you with remote locations that are essentially hidden to the public eye. We are also unique in the sense that each design used for our apparel will provide a completely different, exclusive experience for each individual consumer.

As a company, we are looking to provide apparel that will unite all those with a passion for New England with the unique experiences it has to offer because we believe these unique experience will help establish stronger bonds between individuals in the New England area. Sharing the experiences helps not only celebrate the outdoors, but it will help solidify the fact that there is only ONE New England experience that can’t be recreated anywhere else on the planet.

We are also trying to change the game of apparel so that consumers can make bonds between themselves over clothing, and get outside to create their own experiences, something which is rarely seen in this modern era.