Only New England--Who We Are

Who We Are 

If you live in New England, then you understand that there is no atmosphere in the world with the same unique feel that New England provides. In New England, we experience the four seasons in their most dramatically natural forms. Unlike many parts of the world, our culture is built on our relationship with the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many parts of the world, you can go from surfing and kayaking in the summer to skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, all right in your backyard. Living in New England means that we all get to experience these changes throughout the year, and those annual changes are what makes us family.

As New Englanders, celebrating this family feeling is not as easy as it sounds. People connect through music and sports, but not everyone likes the same tunes, nor do we all like the same sports teams. That’s where Only New England comes in.

Only New England is an apparel company that is built on the idea of creating a relationship between consumers and apparel by providing adventure based designs inspired by remote locations in New England.

Our Mission: To build a relationship with consumers by providing them with apparel that is tied together with a New England based location and experience.

With our apparel, we are giving consumers literal material to make connections through. Although the shirts and sweatshirts seem to be the star of the show, the actual clothing is only half of the story. The twist with this line of apparel is that the clothing is being attached with an experience or memory.

What we do is that we create our apparel through designs driven by actual locations. The catch is that these locations are off the beaten path and not easily found. So, by proving you with these unique locations, we are encouraging you to go out and have an adventure based around a certain activity.

Our target activities include skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, sky diving, cliff diving, snowmobiling, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, waterskiing, wake boarding, sailing, and kayaking.

With our designs, we are taking places and associating those places with the activities listed above so that when you and your friends go out to these places we provide for you, your ultimate common connection is the clothing brand. From there on, the positive memories created by you and your friends forever resides in the clothing brand, and whenever you put the brand back on, you always have a story to share between your friends, or with other people.